Red In Bed

red-in-bed icon

Red In Bed 1.09

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Books
Version: 1.09 (iTunes)

"This excellent children's app teaches kids about the colours of the rainbow. It tells the tale of the colours painting the world, apart from Red (who's ill in bed). Each colour gets its own musical note, too – ideal for tap-happy children."

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Outread: Speed Reading Trainer

outread---speed-reader icon

Outread: Speed Reading Trainer 1.6.4

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Productivity
Version: 1.6.4 (iTunes)

Speed-read websites, ebooks and documents. Outread improves reading effectiveness by helping you focus on reading small chunks of text at a time. You can either follow the highlighter along the page or keep it centered.

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yourSudoku - Over 10k sudoku

yoursudoku icon

yourSudoku - Over 10k sudoku 2.01

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Version: 2.01 (iTunes)

Sudoku (数独), originally called Number Place is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle.

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Sago Mini Big City

sago-mini-big-city icon

Sago Mini Big City 1.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Education
Version: 1.1 (iTunes)

Bright lights, busy streets, and sky-high skyscrapers: it's Sago Mini Big City! Take a trip downtown – will you hitch a ride on a fire truck, or will you grab a snack at the diner first? Don't forget to swing by the post office – there's a package waiting for you with a special surprise inside! Next, take the city bus to the park – or stop off at the museum for some prehistoric playtime. The rest is up to you!

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Eye Axis Check

eye-axis-check icon

Eye Axis Check 1.0

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Utilities
Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

Checking for ocular lens markings and corneal rings.

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Learn Maths Full

algebra-101-%c2%a9 icon

Learn Maths Full 2.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Education
Version: 2.2 (iTunes)

This application help you learn or revise your knowledge about Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics!!

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KORG Gadget 2

korg-gadget icon

KORG Gadget 2 4.1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Music
Version: 4.1.0 (iTunes)

Evolving to the next generation. Quickly and intuitively turn your ideas into music.

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Bouncy Fruit

bouncy-fruit icon

Bouncy Fruit 1.3

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Version: 1.3 (iTunes)

Tap to dodge the incoming knifes.

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Scan to Spreadsheet

scan-to-spreadsheet icon

Scan to Spreadsheet 6.0.6

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Business
Version: 6.0.6 (iTunes)

Spreadsheet barcode scanning.

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Photo Tinter - Bespoke Photo Filter.

photo-tinter icon

Photo Tinter - Bespoke Photo Filter. 1.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Version: 1.2 (iTunes)

- Made Exclusively for iOS device.

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