Recuperar Puntos

recuperar-puntos icon

Recuperar Puntos 2.8

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Education
Version: 2.8 (iTunes)

-Nuevo modo definicion, Busca preguntas según su criterio de búsqueda.

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Wheelie Motorcycle

wheelie-motorcycle icon

Wheelie Motorcycle 1.0.4

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Version: 1.0.4 (iTunes)

** Wheelie Motorcycle **

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Parkinson's LifeKit

parkinsons-lifekit icon

Parkinson's LifeKit 3.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Medical
Version: 3.1 (iTunes)

Parkinson’s LifeKit helps you be the best you that you can be today! With Parkinson's, we know that each day is different. Wouldn't it be great to keep track of your day-to-day ups and downs and keep a record all in one place?

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Dance Sound Design Adv. Bass

dance-sound-design-adv-bass icon

Dance Sound Design Adv. Bass 2.1.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Music
Version: 2.1.1 (iTunes)

This advanced tutorial delivers a wild electronic world of tools and techniques you can use to create some of the most supercharged and distinctive sounding bass parts for Dance Music.

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TypiMage - Typography Editor

typimage-typography-photo-editor-creative-graphic-design icon

TypiMage - Typography Editor 1.5.9

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Version: 1.5.9 (iTunes)

To make a beautiful text design, fonts are not enough. You have to consider carefully how the fonts are combined and how the text is structured so that they can perfectly fit together. This is called typography.

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Quick Sale - Invoice, Estimate

quick-sale-premium icon

Quick Sale - Invoice, Estimate 2.7.24

Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Business
Version: 2.7.24 (iTunes)

Fast and powerful invoicing for the iPad to manage sales, payment, products and inventory.

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sonicpics icon

SonicPics 2.5.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Version: 2.5.1 (iTunes)

The best digital storytelling app just got even better!

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Fireball SE

fireball-se icon

Fireball SE 1.10

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Version: 1.10 (iTunes)

Check out what reviewers are saying about Fireball SE:

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Pocket Balloon - Fly in AR

pocket-balloon icon

Pocket Balloon - Fly in AR 1.1

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Games
Version: 1.1 (iTunes)

Fly a hot air balloon by blowing (yes, blowing!) on the screen of your phone!

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WeekCal iPad

week-calendar-hd icon

WeekCal iPad 12.3

Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Productivity
Version: 12.3 (iTunes)


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