CANE - Chapter 1: Ghosts

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CANE - Chapter 1: Ghosts 17.10.06

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 17.10.06 (iTunes)


Join private eye Isla Cane and her partner, Kasper Pike, on their adventures throughout the city of Blackstone. After botching the infamous Rooster Head Inn case, Isla and Kasper need money to pay off their debts. Luckily, the government just listed a huge reward for a criminal it is unable to apprehend. The target: Guy Hafner. The crime: Homicide and Grand Larceny. Isla and Kasper aren’t alone, though-- half of the city’s looking for Hafner, and with competition this steep, Isla will need to use knowledge from her murky past to find him before anyone else does...

Explore the scene of the crime, ask for information around town, and talk to rival detectives to solve the case. Interact with people and objects by swiping around the screen and touching them in the game world. Hundreds of lines of fully voiced dialogue complement a dark and jazzy score in a story-driven journey.

-Hundreds of lines of fully-voiced dialogue
-Immersive story
-Several original songs
-Dozens of clickable objects
-Unique art and characters
-Repeatable object interaction

No micro-transactions, no ads, no paid DLC. Ever.

What's New

MAJOR Travel UI Update, v2

CANE - Chapter 1: Ghosts

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