Red Dot Camera - Manual Rangefinder Style Camera for iPhone

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Red Dot Camera - Manual Rangefinder Style Camera for iPhone

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Photography
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Looking for an iPhone camera app with the look and feel of a professional manual camera? Red Dot Camera is the first camera app to bring rangefinder-style manual focus and exposure features to iOS, taking creative mobile photography to the next level.

Inspired by the retro craftsmanship of the classic Leica M camera series, Red Dot Camera brings your images to life with unrivalled quality and without the interference of gimmicky filters.

Featuring four basic settings - ISO, Speed, Exposure Compensation, and Focus, Red Dot excels in delivering a retro photography experience coupled with exceptional image capture quality.

Key Features:

Rangefinder-Style Manual Focusing
Focus in with precision using a magnified patch at the center of the viewfinder to capture the perfect image.

Manual ISO Control
High ISO settings generate more image noise. By letting you set the ISO value manually, Red Dot Camera allows you to capture sharper and clearer images.

Manual Shutter Speed Control
Adjust the shutter speed manually to achieve the effect of longer exposures (car headlights, water, etc.), or to capture shots of fast action.

Display Frame Lines (28mm, 35mm, 50mm)
The iPhone lens has a fixed focal length of 28mm, but Red Dot Camera shows frame lines that simulate those of a 35mm and 50mm lens, just like the Leica M rangefinder.

Take a group picture or self-shot by setting the auto-timer to one of three countdown settings.

Black & White Mode
Switch to black and white and capture your image in classic coloration.

Whether you’re a creative camera enthusiast or a photography student, you’ll be amazed at how Red Dot Camera enables you to take sharper, better-exposed, professional quality photos from your iPhone.

Download Red Dot Camera now and start using your iPhone to shoot the way legendary photographers like Henry Cartier Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Diane Arbus, and Walker Evans did with their Leica.

What's New

Stability improvements

Red Dot Camera - Manual Rangefinder Style Camera for iPhone

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